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Thanks to Whole Foods Market for sponsorship of the tour through the use of their demo kitchens and providing organic meals to the tour's performing artists.


Symphonic Eurythmy Tour 2005

A generation has come of age since orchestral eurythmy—and the full richness of the art that it reflects—was last seen in North America 27 years ago.

Lemniscate Arts & Eurythmy Spring Valley are honored to bring the New World Symphonic Eurythmy Tour to 16 cities across the United States and Canada in August, September, and October 2005.

We are grateful to the 26 participating eurythmists from 11 countries, to our renowned conductor, to the local symphonies from 15 cities and their host theatres, to our sponsors and to the people in many communities who came together to make this artistic event possible.


Who's Who

Marke Levene, Producer



Orphaned at birth, Marke Levene grew up in Los Angeles, CA as the adopted son of a Paramount Pictures prop man. He began his acting career at age 5 and by the time he was 19 had been featured in nearly every early TV series broadcast in the 1950ís and 1960ís. He has a section in the History of Television Museum under the stage name of Harvey Grant.

After being drafted into the Army and serving in Vietnam, he decided not to return to Hollywood, and in 1972 with his wife, Barbara Sophia, moved to the east coast, eventually settling in Spring Valley, NY. In 1980 they moved to England and completed the four-year Eurythmy training at the London School of Eurythmy.

While in England, Marke established his first manufacturing company, producing lyres and wooden toys. Then in 1989 he formed Portal Productions, the English-speaking theatre company that performed Rudolf Steinerís four Mystery Dramas. The company toured the 4th drama, The Soulís Awakening, in the Northern Hemisphere in 1994/95. Then Marke spent the autumn of 1996 touring as Beethoven in a one-man show written for him by Michael Burton, a playwright and actor from New Zealand.

Barbara Sophia and Marke returned to the United States in 1997 and formed Lemniscate, Inc. which markets its products under the trade name Enchantmints. He can be contacted at

Marke Levene is currently President of the Eurythmy Association of North America.

Lemniscate Arts

Lemniscate Arts Inc. is a registered not-for-profit corporation devoted to furthering the human spirit by supporting artistic endeavors. In particular, Lemniscate Arts aims to nurture work that springs from Rudolf Steiner’s unique artistic vision, especially projects involving the performing arts of eurythmy and speech formation.

In order for a performing art to mature it needs opportunities to present itself to audiences on a regular basis. The sheer size of our continent and the still relatively small number of working Eurythmists in North America have kept these opportunities at a very modest level. It is the intention of Lemniscate Arts to become a source of support for Eurythmy Performances and Performance oriented workshops in North America.

The Art of the Word & Speech Formation- Language is consistently devalued in contemporary media culture. Lemniscate Arts seeks to foster the awareness of the Word as an organ of the creative human spirit. Accordingly, we encourage projects that develop conscious speech as a vehicle of expression, and literary arts that uncover language as a revelation of the deepest source of humanity.

Lemniscate Arts hopes to attract sufficient capital to make it possible for the arts arising from Spiritual Scientific insights to have a permanent home in North America. The primary focus is on performance arts but our intention is to offer a home to all arts as living expressions of modern cultural life.

All contributions to Lemniscate Arts Inc. are fully tax deductible.


New to Eurythmy? Here are 4 brief glimpses of Eurythmy's majesty and beauty... Click on a clip from the New World Tour:

Movement II - A
Movement II - B
Movement III
Movement IV


high praise


"It was a simply wonderful performanceÖ Personally, I experienced a new dimension in the music, being able to see through the movements on stage how the music is woven together. Big thanks to you!"

Philip Mees


"What a whole new vivifying world it gives to music! My friends could scarcely believe how beautiful it was."

Eloise Krivosheia 


"We — the Waldorf School of Orange County — took our complete grades 5 through 8 to the performance. It was an extraordinary experience for them, one they will never forget!"

Elisabeth Beck 



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